Franck Ratier

The human touch is a luxury

We work with this motto in mind, always challenging the limits of shapes, textures and materials, always thriving to fulfill your dreams, with absolute attention to details, and without any compromise on quality.

Our mission is to explore the grey space between art and design to create exquisite pieces that will complement the most elegant interiors.

Limited editions

The work you can see on this website is available in limited editions, designed with consideration and crafted by hand with the utmost attention to details.

When you decide to comission us to produce one of our limited edition pieces, you are looking to acquire a proven, elegant and exquisite design that will be made available to you in well defined conditions.

Bespoke work

When you require something special, we will be delighted to design a bespoke piece of furniture with you.

First, we will meet you to understand exactly what you’re after. You may have a brief that will help us design an original piece for you, or maybe your interior designer can brief us. It can also simply be the case of talking together about existing pieces that you admire and deciding how we can draw inspiration from them to produce something new that will be truly yours. This stage usually requires only one meeting, at the place where the piece will be installed, and with all the persons involved in the final decision.

Once we understand what you really want, we’ll start the design phase. We’ll meet again to present you with our ideas and confirm that you are happy for us to proceed. We may bring you sketches for one or two ideas, rarely more, because we already have refined the design enough at this stage.

When you decide to entrust us to make a bespoke piece for you, you want to experience the excitment of creative thinking, and you are ready to wait the necessary time for us to deliver a fully resolved design.